Here is a world too distant for you. A place where you live as a spectator, where you can't control anything.

You are living inside, confined in a box, an appartement, a building... You are stuck in there, surrounded by walls. You probably don't know the other insides of the big city, but you could imagine it.

At this particular time, everything is contradiction. You are in a confortable place of course, but sometime it's worrisome. Are you at home ? Are you a stranger in an illusory place ? Here, now, looks like nowhere, or maybe everywhere, anywhere. What an eerie feeling to don't know exactly where you are.

Time is suspended, while you are here, in your inner world, you can hear the outside, far from you, in the streets, or on the other end of the line, but maybe it is just your imagination.



Extrait de la série Diegesis.